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Welcome to Jim’s Hazardous Material Removal, a trusted and respected name in all things hazardous materials.

We pride ourselves on the safe inspection, testing and remediation of health hazards such as mould, methamphetamine and asbestos in the home and we are fully licensed, local and skilled professionals with the expertise to handle such issues swiftly and comprehensively.

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What Areas Do We Service?

We service Wellington and the surrounding suburbs.

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Why Choose Us?

A brand you can trust. Jim’s Hazardous Material Removal is supported by the Jim’s Group so you are assured quality service and outcomes. We are fully insured for the residential and commercial services on offer.

Speed. Fast response is a critical part of our business and the nature of the industry, from a health and safety perspective and also from an emotional one.

Discretion and Confidentiality. Jim’s Hazardous Materials Removal will strive to maintain a minimal level of intrusion to clients and affected parties.

Support. Work will be thoroughly documented for insurance purposes. We can help activate claims where appropriate and work directly with insurance companies as required.

Qualifications and Experience. Jim’s Hazardous Material Removal technicians have undergone extensive training and are certified by the Institude of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration (IICRC). We are licensed Asbestos Removalists.

Experienced technicians guarantee clearance on all properties we decontaminate and we work in collaboration with local law enforcement, Councils, EPA, Science labs and insurance companies.

Our Story

Jim’s Hazardous Material Removal New Zealand is a name you can trust – fast, local and professional.

Jim’s Hazardous Material Removal New Zealand was established to provide customers with the highest standards of specialized hazardous removal services, particularly in the removal and remediation of methamphetamine, mould and asbestos.

We use the most current technology, coupled with extensive experience and training to ensure residential and commercial properties are hazard free and families maintain a safe and healthy home environment.

Jim’s Hazardous Material Removal New Zealand services all Auckland suburbs – Wellington suburbs & Christchurch suburbs.

We have an unblemished safety record and work under the most stringent safety guidelines, wholly insured for Public Liability, Asbestos and Product Liability.

Jim’s Hazardous Material Removal New Zealand is a division of the Jim’s Group, founded in 1989 by Sydney entrepreneur Jim Penman.

The Jim’s Group has a strong focus on customer service which is the basis for its success.



How Can We Help You Today?

We’re here to help! If you are interested in removal and remediation services relating to mould, methamphetamine or asbestos please call us on 0800 454 654.


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