Meth checks becoming the new norm for prudent home buyers

Home owners and landlords are going beyond the traditional pre-purchase building, pest and asbestos inspections to include testing for a growing community issue – drugs.

Whether a home has been used to manufacture meth or whether there was simply heavy use of the drug at the property, chemical residue can seep into soft furnishings such as curtains, carpets and even walls and ceilings, leaving tenants and home owners exposed to an extremely serious health hazard.

While local councils have a duty of care to identify known meth labs and issue remediation notices to owners and landlords, there is nothing in place to prevent owners from selling before remediation works are completed, or from renting out the property in its current state.

So how do you know if your property is contaminated?

Firstly, talk to your neighbours. Drug busts are not quiet and they are not contained so neighbours will know that something has gone down. Other telltale signs also include unusual stains, strange smells, empty chemical containers and vehicles coming and going at odd hours.

Living in a contaminated home can also huge health issues such as breathing difficulty, asthma-type symptoms, behavioral changes, skin irritation and other awful illnesses. Children are particularly at risk because they are smaller and there is a tendency to roll around on carpets and put toys and fingers in their mouths.

It is far better to be safe than sorry.

Jim’s Hazardous Material Removal will manage a methamphetamine remediation program from start to finish and guarantee confidentially and peace of mind throughout the journey. Working with Jim’s Building Inspections to complete the methamphetamine inspection, Jim’s Hazardous Material Removal is perfectly placed and well resourced to deliver a thorough remediation job at a very competitive price.

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